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The Making of a Belt

The Making of a Belt

Wed, Mar 01, 17

In my New York days, Julian Imrie was kind enough to share his basement studio on West Broadway with me. Julian, or Chico as he's known, is one of the most impressive figures I've ever met. He's a master boot maker, artist, philosopher and one of the nicest guys I know. Currently living in Holland, he called me recently to tell me he'd found some wonderful hides from a tannery near his home in Utrecht. When he returned to New York recently, we got together in the basement at the family home in Quogue to make some belts.

The Officer Belt is the first in a series of belts I hope to launch this year. An 1.5" roller buckle belt is a staple for most men and can be used in just about any scenario. We've done a few color options on the belt. A rich tan, black, and a natural. The natural is interesting to me as it is nearly white in the beginning. I've been wearing one for about 7 months and the change in it is remarkable. Its still lighter than the standard tan, but has settled into a very warm color with different variations. Its been my favorite. -RB 

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