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The Defender (of parks)

The Defender (of parks)

Thu, May 04, 17

One of the more interesting things about building a company is the people you meet along the way. Everything we've ever done at W+P has been on a shoestring. 3 years ago we put up an ad online seeking a truck or SUV for a photo shoot we were attempting in California. Luckily enough our ad was answered by Matt. He had a Land Rover Defender which was just perfect for what we were trying to capture. Matt was super gracious with the vehicle and hung out with us for two days while we shot. I can't remember what I paid him. Not much, a few bucks and a bag I think, but he was enthusiastic and didn't waver until we got all the footage we needed.
During one of the down moments during the shoot, he shared that he was in the process of pursuing his dream of working as a Ranger for the National Park Service. This was no small undertaking for a man with a family who lived in California. Well, fast forward a couple of years and I was pumped to get an email from him. Now living in DC with his trusty Defender and repping the US National Park Service uniform with pride. 
You start a business to make a living, but the great people you meet are an inspiring bonus. -RB