Any Given Tuesday

No dogs were strangled while trying to get them to sit still for this photo....


Truly an original. Rest well. Listen on Spotify


natural tote bag

Excited to have more natural colors on the site. This particular veg tanned leather ages so nicely. Looking forward to rolling out more items like this. 

Current Read: Stoner by John Williams

Wow, this book is something else. Written in 1965 by John Williams, but didn't find much of an audience. Its surged in popularity in the last couple of years for good reason. Subject matter seems bleak, but boy oh boy and I glad I picked this one up. 

New Products

Zip-Top Briefcase

We're so excited to round out the year with some new designs. Its been down to the wire, but we got it done. I'll write in a little more depth over the next few days about the new wares, but for now, have a look around the site. I think you'll find something you like. 

Dogs via the Bitter Southerner

We're a sucker for dogs around here. I read this post and watched this video on poet and artist Kyle Brooks via the Bitter Southerner and wanted to share. Illustaration above and poem below by Mr. Kyle Brooks. 

we all got dogs

dogs in our lives

somes got one and somes got fives

its best to work hard, and say thanks and please

and its best to get a dog that has no fleas.

my dog is small and shakes a lot

but dont hold it against her, shes all i got

so we all got dogs

dogs all around

terrier, poodle or a long snouted hound

Current Listening: Gordon Lightfoot

I hadn't thought about Gordon Lightfoot for sometime, but listened to "If You Could Read My Mind" this morning and dammit if that isn't one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking tunes out there. 

Listen on Spotify

Esquire, Billy Reid, and the AXE Collective

This past June, myself along with four other very talented folks were lucky enough to receive some mentorship from Billy Reid and Esquire Fashion Director Nick Sullivan. This is an ongoing program through the Axe White Label Collective. If you have a chance to pick up this month's issue of Esquire, give it a read. 

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